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Skin Infections

Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral and Parasitic Infections

Your skin provides an effective barrier between you and the outside world. However, at times, this barrier function can be compromised, and your skin can get infected with a variety of bacterial, yeast, fungal, viral, or parasitic organisms. Hair and nails may sometimes be infected, too. Staph. aureus bacterial infections may appear as small red pustules on your skin, or as larger, more tender nodules. Yeast infections may cause inflammation in your skin folds, or under your nails. Fungal infections may appear as athlete’s foot, “jock itch”, or cause thickened and distorted nails.

Our providers are experts in the diagnosis of infectious skin diseases and will formulate a treatment plan to clear your infection.


Yes, our dermatologists in Chapel Hill provide treatment and diagnosis for various parasitic infections. Parasitic infections with lice may cause itching of the scalp, and infection with the scabies mite can cause all-over itching.

Viral infections like cold sore virus can cause blisters to appear in infected areas, and the chicken pox virus may appear later in life as a painful band of blisters, known as “shingles”.

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